Here's what our customers have to say:
"Juan did an amazing job! I had my interior done mind you I have 2 dogs one being a husky and then add kids that are in and out. it looks like a brand new car again on the interior!"
— Courtney S.
"Amazing work brought my cars paint back to life! Very pleased!"
— Corey S.
"Juan did a fantastic job on my RAM. Two kids and two dogs made me doubt but the interior looks like new. His attention to the little things is impressive! Didn't know how bad my steering wheel was dirty till I noticed how clean it was this morning. I highly recommend!"
— Don W.
"Juan did an amazing job on my boyfriend’s car. I highly recommend him for your detailing needs!"
— Kellie R.
"Awesome! I had my car’s headlights detailed to look like new again. Juan did a great job, he rocked it out! I highly recommend At The Garage Auto Detailing!!"
— Kellie Durbin C.
"Juan did an amazing job on my lease before I turned it in. Made my Rav look brand new again after my kidd destroyed my seats."
— Meleah C.
"10/10 will always go back. Went from grime to
Shine is just a few hours."
— Nick J.
"Juan did a phenomenal job detailing my vehicle. Between the interior detail and Ozone Blasting, it Truly felt like it was brand new again. Juan was extremely professional, affordable and timely. You can tell he knows exactly what he’s doing. 10/10 recommend using his services for all of your auto detailing needs."
— Jeremy A.
"Juan did a great job on my car. Would highly recommend."

— Remi G.